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Our Story

ACeT Innovates Sdn Bhd was established in 2016 and initially produces enzyme for the retting of kenaf. In 2017, our team was the Grand Winner for Tech Planter Demo Day conducted in Malaysia and was chosen as Malaysia's representative for Tech Planter Demo Day (Asia Pacific Round) and was awarded with Glocalink Award.


Our team also was chosen as the recipient for the Ota City Super Factory Machine program and was awarded with a specialized machine, the "Enzyme Solution Manufacturing Machine" which is used to multiply the production of the fungal-sourced enzyme from 20 liters per day up to 100 liters per day. This enzyme has shown its ability to ret fibers from p​lant based in just three days compared to conventional methods which costs few months to ret the same.

In 2023, ACeT Innovates Sdn Bhd is moving forward by the additional of a new product which is ACeTGrow. ACeTGrow is a type of biofertilizer made from agricultural wastes and contains a type of microorganism which acts as a biological control for Fusarium wilt disease in banana. 

Our Vision

Bioproduct as the driver for bioeconomy and sustainable future

Our Mission

To promote sustainability through innovative discovery by using natural resources

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