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At ACeT Innovates Sdn Bhd, we’re extremely passionate about what we do,

which translates into rewarding results and positive customer experiences.

Director - Wan Zuhainis

Assoc. Prof. Dr Wan Zuhainis Saad


Meet Dr. Wan Zuhainis, the Director of ACeT Innovates and an expert in applied microbiology. Her extensive knowledge of microorganisms, coupled with her passion for innovation, has led to the development of many cutting-edge solutions in various industries. Under her leadership, the organization is known for its ground-breaking research and advancements in microbial technology. Her ability to simplify complex topics and inspire her team has helped the ACeT Innovates to excel.

Director - Paridah

Prof. Dr Paridah Md Tahir


Prof. Dr Paridah is a true visionary in the field of biocomposite research. As the Director of ACeT Innovates, she leads a team of talented scientists in the development of cutting-edge materials that are both environmentally friendly and superior in performance to traditional options. Her deep understanding of the science behind biocomposites, coupled with her ability to think outside the box, has resulted in the creation of numerous innovations that have made a significant impact in various industries. Prof. Dr Paridah's passion for this field is evident in her relentless drive for discovery and her commitment to finding sustainable solutions. Her expertise and leadership make her a valuable asset to ACeT Innovates and the industry as a whole.

Director - Rosfarizan.png

Prof. Dr Rosfarizan Mohamad


As the Director of ACeT Innovates, Prof. Dr. Rosfarizan utilizes her expertise in fermentation technology to push the boundaries of sustainable bioprocessing development. Her deep understanding of the science behind fermentation has led to groundbreaking innovations in the industry, earning her recognition as a leading expert in her field. Under her leadership, ACeT Innovates has made significant strides in developing sustainable solutions that are both environmentally friendly and economically viable. Her dedication to advancing the field and inspiring her team makes her a vital asset to the organization.

Director - Hakim

Abdul Hakim Sahidi


Abdul Hakim Sahidi is the director of ACeT Innovates, a seasoned expert in business and innovation management. With a strong background in leading businesses and driving innovation projects, Abdul Hakim Sahidi brings valuable expertise to the company. He boasts a combination of strategic vision, technical knowledge, and interpersonal skills, allowing him to drive growth, create new business models, and increase efficiency. He is passionate about innovation and committed to excellence, positioning ACeT Innovates for future success under his leadership.

CEO - Firdaus

Ahmad Firdaus Ezani

Chief Executive Officer

Ahmad Firdaus serves as the CEO of ACeT Innovates, overseeing the company's daily operations and production processes. He sets company goals, makes strategic decisions, manages resources, and ensures the company's efficient and effective functioning. As the face of the company, Firdaus represents ACeT Innovates to stakeholders such as customers, investors, and employees. He ensures the company's operations are conducted in a legal and ethical manner and is responsible for driving its growth and success. Firdaus's leadership and management skills play a crucial role in the success of ACeT Innovates.

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