Developing the present towards a greener and sustainable future by using renewable resources by: 

•Maximising the use of natural fibers to reduce carbon footprints that are generated by synthetic fibers.

•Application of natural fiber-based materials in various industries.

Test Tubes


Acet Innovates Sdn. Bhd is a biotech company was established in May 2016 based in Universiti Putra Malaysia. This is 100% Malaysian owned company consisting of the researchers and technoprenuers. The objective of the company is to be the pioneer in production and manufacturing of enzyme for the Kenaf industry.
Currently, We are operating under InnoHub UPM which is an incubator programme that implemented the approach of using Lean Market Validation as a guide to further develop start-up companies.


Natural Fibres Bioretting Expert

Smart solutions based on biotechnology expertise and know-how are at the core of all that we do at Acet Innovates. Our main goal is on the production and manufacturing enzyme to satisfy local Kenaf industry and at the same time seeking any opportunities to enter the global Kenaf market and other natural fibres. Acet Innovates produces a product named Eco-Zyme. Plus we are also providing consultation on bioretting process and biocomposite productions based on natural fibres.

Eco-Zyme offers its potential in kenaf retting process. Retting with Eco-Zyme can offer you high-quality and odourless kenaf fibres in just 3 days.


Microscope in Laboratory


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